Sales Secrets for Document Preparers

Sales Secrets for Document Preparers is a five module course that teaches fundamental sales technique and is especially designed for the legal document preparation industry. Learning sales skills is a vital key to success in any business. Legal document preparers often know the information needed to prepare documents backwards and forwards, but have never learned how to sell. If you need help converting customer contacts into sales, this course is for you. This course explains why you should always welcome objections; and never think that you won't make a sale just because your customer raises them. 

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  1. Sales is a skill and an art. There is technique to every sales scenario. You may be using some sales techniques, and not even realize it. And, certainly, you have heard sales technique all your life. some blatant, some subtle. Did you want fries with that?
  2. Nuts & Bolts - There are lots of ways to close a sale, and there are lots of tie downs along the way. A tie down is a trial close, and is a litmus test to see how ready your prospective customer is to go forward.
  3. Buying Questions - Learn not recognize buying questions. How much does it cost is just one of many possible buying questions. Using the couldya wouldya technique is one way to segue a buying question into a close. 
  4. Overcoming Objections. Don't just overcome objections - welcome them. These are almost as good as buying questions, and give you the opportunity to overcome your potential customer's fear.
  5. Ask for the Order. Don't let the contact end without asking for the order. Simple questions like - Are you ready to get started? or Is there anything holding you back from getting started right now? or even Is there anyone you need to discuss this with before you say go? are all ways to ask for the order.
  6. A Deeper Dive Into Sales. Take a look ahead and think whether this potential customer may have more work for you in the future. Repeat customers are the best customers. A simple example is if you prepare documents for Early Termination of Probation, is that customer likely to want to expunge/ seal his criminal record down the line?
  7. How to Contact - Keep in touch with your customers over time. Maybe you think that there is nothing else this customer wants after their present project is completed. But you never know. Many people need various types of documents from time to time. And happy customers tell their friends and families about the wondrous documents you prepare.
  8. My sales background. As the Director of FALDP, and the author of this course, I highlight my own sales background selling various products from encyclopedias to pharmaceuticals to business opportunities. I love the thrill of the sale. You can learn to love it too.


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