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The only Supreme Court approved forms for Florida family adoptions are for stepparent adoption. However, the same statutes - Florida Statute Chapter 63 - allows family members to adopt their relatives. Document preparation for Florida family adoptions is in high demand, as the forms can be difficult to locate, and the available forms can be confusing. 

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Family Adoption Course Outline:

I. Introduction:

  • A. Family Adoption
  • B. Chapter 63
  • C. Overview

II. General Information:

  • A. Blood Relation
  • B. Different from arm's length adoption
  • C. Consent
  • D. Putative Father Registry

III. Stepparent Adoption

  • A. Only adoption forms included in Florida Supreme Court approved forms
  • B. One consent is required
  • C. Termination of Parental Rights of Biological Parent

IV. Relative Adoptions

  • A. There are no Supreme Court approved forms
  • B. A consent from each parent may be required
  • C. Termination of Parental Rights of Biological Parents

V. Gay Adoptions

  • A. No longer prohibited per statute
  • B. Gay marriage means a gay married couple may do a stepparent adoption
  • C. How gay adoptions used to be done

VI. Once the Adoption is Final

  • A. Adoption Records are Sealed
  1. 10 day window
  2. Certified copies of order
  • B. Permanency
  1. New birth certificate issued
  2. If adoptive parents divorce - child support is ordered Adoption Records are Sealed

VII. Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member

  • A. Compare/ contrast to adoption
  • B. Not necessary for all to be in agreement
  • C. Petition to Dissolve
  • D. Duration

VIII. Appendix

  • A. Forms
  1. adoption
  2. temporary custody
  • B. Vocabulary
  • C. Adoption Statutes
  • D. Temporary Custody Statutes


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This course includes information, Florida Statutes, and forms for Stepparent Adoptions, Relative Adoptions, Temporary Custody by an Extended Family Member, and Concurrent Custody by An Extended Family Member. The definition for a family adoption in Florida, is that at least one of the adoptive parents must be within three steps of blood relation. Sometimes, due to illness, death, substance abuse, incarceration, or other circumstances a parent or parents are unable to care for their child. In these cases, a family member often steps up to fill the need. 

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