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Building a Better Business

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Course Outline

I. Introduction to Building a Better Business - Explore your options before starting your business. You won't be able to make every single decision ahead of time, but certainly you can make many of the major decisions in advance.

II. Business Structures -  Decide which business structure is best for you. Take into consideration your finances, your age, and your commitment to the business. There is no prohibition against running your business as a sole proprietorship, but be sure to educate yourself about the pros and cons of other structures. This course breaks it down.

III. Find Your Why - Why you're in this business or any business is a very personal choice. There are a million ways to earn money and make a living in the world. Know why you want to be in a document preparation business or any business. This module also includes information about business planning and customer service.

IV. Marketing - Ah ... the art and science of marketing. This module discusses how to create a marketing plan and how to implement it. Suggestions for places to advertise is included, but the specific media may be best researched depending on your own goals, resources, and abilities.

V. Business Tips - Be the tortoise NOT the hare. Never forget who won the race.

Building a Better Business is five modules packed full of suggestions, information and resources. It is completely self-paced and completely online.


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Building a Better Business will help you boost your business from the beginning. Its full of ideas and resources for marketing, customer service, and infrastructure. It includes a template to create your Business Plan, and step by step instructions about how to create your own Marketing Plan. 

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