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Our Introduction to Preparing Florida Legal Documents Course is designed to start you on the right path to success in preparing documents for Florida pro se litigants.. This course is strongly suggested for document preparers who are brand new to the industry. Even if you already have the experience required for membership, you may benefit from this course -- especially if you're relocating to Florida from another state; or if your experience is primarily working for attorneys. Working for pro se litigants is a different world. Learn more about our online courses.

Only $129. ~ Two CEUs for FALDP members

INTRO explains business basics - including business structure, choosing a name, and deciding on your business model.  There are two short assignments that must be completed. At the end of the course please complete our Course Survey and request your Certificate of Completion, 


  • I. Reason for the Course - Introduction
  • II. Choosing a Business Name
  •         You are NOT a paralegal
  • III. Marketing, Sales & Customer Service
  • IV. Focus Areas
  • V. Avoiding UPL
  • VI. Culture and Philosophy of LDPs
  • VII. Access to the Legal System
  • VIII. Unbridled Pursuit of Liberty
  •        Self Test
  •        Assignments

As an introductory course, this course is meant to be an overview of the world of legal document preparation and some of the challenges document preparers face. There is more in depth information in some of our other courses that will build on the information gained here. After completing this course, we recommend that you take our online courses: "Building a Better Business" and "Sales Secrets for Document Preparers". Both of these will help you get started in your new business. And, once you join us, you'll take our "Avoid UPL!" course which is designed to keep you safe in the marketplace. 

If you need more information before enrolling, feel free to send us a contact form, or call 800-515-0496 during business hours Monday through Friday. Take your time in exploring our site. We'll be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

After you complete the Course Registration Form, you'll be directed to a Thank You page with a payment button. After you submit payment, you'll then arrive at the first page of the course. Please save or bookmark that URL so that you'll be able to access your course in the future.

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