Affordable Divorce Source, Inc.

Christine Marinkovich
Parkland, Florida
Broward County

         6052 NW 73rd Ct.
       Parkland, FL 33067
        P: 954-933-6090      

  • Family Law
  • Adoptions
  • Name Changes
  • Legal Typing, i.e. letters, etc.
  • Paralegal Work (contract work for an attorney)
  • Notary

To be in the field of law was my goal before I got married. I graduated college, started law school, and then took a detour and got married leaving behind my career. I was married for 13 years and am now divorced with 3 children.

Paralegal Certificate from the American Institute for Paralegal Studies including a Certificate of Distinction in Family Law, Torts and Personal Injury, BA in Psychology from Loyola University Chicago, IL graduated Cum Laude, received Outstanding Woman Leader Award and the Thomas M. Kennedy Memorial Award.

The vast array of knowledge that I have acquired through my life experiences gives me answers to questions that you may now have:

• What do I do now?
• Where do I turn?
• What will my children’s future be like?
• How do we all stay a family with dignity, through divorce?
• Who can help me through this process?
• How do I know I am making the right choices?

I am well aware of how draining and difficult the process can be financially, physically, emotionally; a twilight zone we never thought we would be in.

I will assist you with all of the legal documents, coach you every step through the divorce, and if and when it is necessary, refer you to quality and very qualified attorneys, mediators, and counselors.

The most important thing for you to do once you have decided to divorce is to make the transition with as little disruption in your life as possible. Start in a positive direction by not falling into the same mindset of the past; divorce does not have to be a fight.

You can come to an agreement…instead of looking at divorce as a way to “win” an argument, look at it as a solution to move on in a positive direction.

At Affordable Divorce Source, Inc. we give you more than just on-line forms or a set of information for you to try to process.

All that information can be very difficult to understand, especially when you are emotionally involved. We do not advocate divorce, but we do want to make your decision to do so as positive and non-stressful as possible.

Please call me at (954)933-6090 so you can start your new path and feel good about how you will travel it. I look forward to speaking with you.

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