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Some may get the impression that document preparers are in constant fear of committing the unlicensed practice of law. However, this isn't exactly so. Document preparers are in constant fear that the Florida Bar believes we might be committing the unlicensed practice of law, and initiate an investigation that will try to insert itself into every facet of our business. For that reason, we do our best to avoid even the slightest appearance, whimper, or whisper that we may be engaging in UPL. So we talk about it, have webinars about it, focus conferences on it, and mandate this course about it. 

Because, all document preparers really want to do is continue our businesses without interference. We recognize that without our services, many consumers would go without any services. 

This course is mandatory for all members, and needs to be taken annually. Your $29.00 course fee is paid along with the membership fee. Save the link, or bookmark the page so you'll have it for next year. Complete the course completion form, submit the essay, and/ or take the quiz so that we know you completed the course each year. Yes, each year.

The course is inside the Members Only pages.

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