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Our courses are offered to learn fundamentals of how to prepare specific document sets. These are informational courses and never meant to be legal advice. We bundle our courses to allow document preparers to receive course discounts. We also offer each of these courses as a stand alone course. Please visit our online courses page to learn more about individual courses. If you are interested in more than one course, the best value is to purchase one of our Course Bundles. And, please read About our Online Courses to learn about our policies. Our courses are open to anyone who is interested in the information, although they are definitely geared toward document preparers. You do not need to be a member of FALDP to take our courses. If you're a document preparer and not yet a member, learn more about joining on our membership page. 

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FALDP online Bankruptcy Course Icon$149. Chapter 7, Personal Bankruptcy
Online course Introduction to Preparing Florida Legal Documents$129. Intro to Florida Documents
Online document preparation course - Landlord Tenant and Becoming a Better Landlord$199. Landlord/Tenant
Building a Better Business icon$159. Building a Better Business
Online Divorce Document Preparation Course$269. Divorce Document Preparation
Online document preparation course - Immigration, Sponsoring a Foreign Spouse$279. Immigration
Online document preparation course for Summary Administration of Estate - Small Probate$399. Small Probate

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Online document preparation course for modifying child custody$261. Parental Responsibility
Online document preparation course - Estate Planning and Living Trusts$179. Estate Planning and Living Trusts
Online document preparation course for Debt Defense$219. Debt Defense
$29. Avoid UPL!
Online document preparation course Family Adoption$389. Florida Family Adoptions
Online course - Post Conviction Document Preparation$199. Post Conviction Documents
Sales Secrets for document preparers is for document preparers who do not have a sales background.$129. Sales Secrets

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