My Florida online parenting course 

Course Completion Certificates sent via email within 24 hours

This course satisfies the Florida statewide requirement to take the four hour Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.


Regular Price Only $32.99 ~ Low Income Discount -  $17.99 ~ No Extra Fee for Certificate


The rules for low income eligibility have been relaxed. If you have been laid off or furloughed due to the coronavirus, you are eligible for the discount.

Divorcing and separating parents are required to take a four hour Parenting Course. My Florida Parenting Course meets the Florida state requirement for the Parenting Course, which is formally knows as the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. This course is 100% online and completely self-paced. You can take it in one sitting, or come back later to finish. Course completion certificates are sent via email within 24 hours after course completion. For questions about this course or help with login or registration please call 941-525-3546 or email info@MyFloridaParentingCourse.com (English); info@MiCursodePadresdeFlorida.com (Spanish)

My Florida Parenting Course meets or exceeds DCF requirements and is accepted in all Florida counties that allow people to take the Parenting Course online. The proper name for this course is the "Parental Education and Family Stabilization Course".  We believe our course is the best Florida parenting course, because:

  1. We allow people to return time and again to refresh and review the information at no additional charge.
  2. We include information for unwed couples and not just for married couples.
  3. We are based in Florida and familiar with Florida rules and court procedures.

This course was built with your family in mind. Our goal is to ensure that divorcing and separating parents understand the various facets of the court procedures, and the emotional and financial impacts each family member may feel. But most of all we strive to help you through the divorce or separation process by providing the information and tools you need to be able to successfully co-parent for years to come.  

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