Annual Conference 2021

12th Annual FALDP Conference

Our Conference Plans are coming together. We're hosting our 12th Annual Conference on September 17 & 18, 2021. Friday the 17th is our Friday Fun Day, we figured people would like a day out of the house to have some fun, so join us for that. On Saturday the 18th we have three exciting guest speakers scheduled to present. (9:00 am to 5:00 pm). The conference venue is in Daytona Beach at the Fountain Beach Resort (in the Meeting Room). We're excited to be having this year's Conference in person, face to face. Back to normalcy ... almost. The resort is offering a special discount for attendees. Only $69 per night. The full agenda is on this page (to the right); registration links are on this page (scroll down); and the speakers' bios are linked to this page as well.

If this will be your first FALDP Conference, you're in for a pleasant surprise. We are thrilled to be having this conference as a face to face meeting, as I know many of us have been suffering from cabin fever way too long. But, we intend to keep everyone as safe as possible at our event, and for that reason – All Attendees Must Have Had  A Complete Coronavirus Vaccination in Order to Attend. We apologize in advance to anyone who would like to attend, but for medical reasons cannot tolerate the vaccine. We are unable to make any exceptions for people who choose not to be vaccinated due to their beliefs.

Saturday the 18th is the down to business part of our Annual Conference, and Friday September 17, we're hosting a Friday Fun Event. Sign up for that also if you like to have fun and can spare an extra day off work. Our Friday Fun Day is a take off of the reality show – Amazing Race – but with a Daytona Beach twist. Contestants will be given clues and must figure them out, then travel to Daytona Beach locations. Don't worry, Daytona Beach is compact. All destinations are within a 2-3 mile radius. The first team to solve all the clues, visit all the checkpoints, and complete the course will receive a cash prize.  


Go to the linked page below to register for the conference AND pay your membership fee. You can register from this page whether you are a current member who is renewing membership or a new member joining us for the first time. OR if you joined after February 28, 2021 you do not need to renew your membership - pay for the conference only (or conference + Friday Fun Event.


9:00 Meet & Greet; Introduce the Day. Time permitting, attendees will introduce themselves.

10:00 Guest Speaker - Judge Elizabeth Blackburn, Administrative Law Judge for the Seventh Judicial Circuit – “What Family Court Judges Want Pro Se Litigants to Know” Her Honor has invited us to submit questions ahead of time. If there is something you've always wanted to ask a Family Law Judge, please send your questions to staff@faldp.org – and, if your question is selected, we'll forward it to the judge in advance.

11:00 Bridging the Justice Gap; We Can Do It! Our theme for this year's conference. We know that consumers struggle everyday to access the legal system and we also know that we are part of the solution.

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Guest Speaker, Trish Giaccone, CEO of the Family Life Center in Flagler County, Florida. Ms. Giaccone will discuss aspects of domestic violence and abuse, and try to answer the question: Why won't she just leave?

2:00 Ethics – What Would You Do? Scenarios for discussion. We'll present a series of common or hypothetical ethical dilemmas and discuss the best solutions.

3:00 Guest Speaker, Jack Phifer, Certified SCORE Mentor. Mr. Phifer will present and discuss: "Perspectives on Entrepreneurship".

4:00 Wrap Up – Prizes, Games, Giveaways

FRIDAY FUN DAY- Friday 9/17

11:00 – Meet on the pool deck at the Fountain Beach Resort to receive your first clue. Depending on the number of participants we'll create teams of at least two people. (Two heads are better than one). We'll go over the rules and hand out T-shirts to all participants to wear during the race.

Once you solve your clue, you'll go to the destination and take a picture to text back. If you text back a correct photo, you'll then be sent your next clue. There will be 5-6 destinations in all, and all within a two or three mile radius. Some destinations may be in walking distance of one another.

You'll need a cell phone with a data plan so that you can look things up and text pictures. A few dollars in cash or quarters will come in handy. Wear comfortable shoes, not a whole lot of walking, but some.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the race once everyone has returned. At this time the amount of cash prizes has not been determined.


Conference Pricing & Registration

Current Members - Register Here

Conference Fee + Membership Renewal + Friday Fun Day Event:  $180. 

Less $20 if you're not able to come to the Friday Event: $160.

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Conference Only: $105. or Conference plus Friday Event; $125.

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New Members - Register Here

Conference Fee + Membership Fee + Friday Fun Day Event: $219.

Less $20 if you're not able to come to the Friday Event: $199.

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You MUST be a member of FALDP to attend our conference. You can pay for your new membership and the conference at the same time, but remember, you must complete a membership application as well. 

See you there!

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