Debt Defense

Got debt? Many consumers are faced with extreme debt. Some people who are facing debt are not able to file for bankruptcy. Quite often, consumers are sued by a collection agency for a debt they do not owe. Or the debt has already been paid. Or the debt is way beyond the statute of limitations.

So there are a variety of reasons that a consumer may need to defend himself against a law suit to collect a debt. If you've been sued by a debt collector, there are specific steps you can use to defend yourself. 

Debt Collection is a Pervasive Part of American Life

According to the National Consumer Law Center:

  • In 2017, the CFPB [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] estimated that 70 million Americans had or were contacted about a debt in collection in the prior year.
  • In 2016, 33% of Americans with credit reports and 45% of residents of predominantly nonwhite zip codes with credit reports had debt in collection.
  • Encore Capital Group, Inc., one of the nation’s largest debt buyers, claims that 20% of US consumers either owe it money currently or have owed it money in the past.
  • Consumers generally default on debt due to unemployment, illness, divorce, or other unanticipated hardships.
  • Debt collectors estimate contacting consumers more than a billion times a year. 
  • Credit card companies “limit” their debt collectors to 3-15 calls per account per day. 
  • The collection industry has asked the CFPB to allow six debt collection calls per day, 186 calls per month, and 2,190 calls per year for each collection account.

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