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Got debt? Many consumers are faced with extreme debt. Some people who are facing debt are not able to file for bankruptcy. Quite often, consumers are sued by a collection agency for a debt they do not owe. Or the debt has already been paid. Or the debt is way beyond the statute of limitations.

So there are a variety of reasons that a consumer may need to defend himself against a law suit to collect a debt. If you've been sued by a debt collector, there are specific steps you can use to defend yourself. Once you order and submit payment for shipping & handling for our FREE Book "You've Been Sued!", you'll be redirected to a page where you can instantly download two free reports. One report includes legal steps you can take to help you dispute a lawsuit for debt; and the other report is a Fact Sheet about debt in the United States. 

AND as a special bonus, you'll be offered a $50 discount on our online course - Debt Defense Document Preparation - OR - a $50 discount on document preparation to defend yourself against a law suit for debt.  OR - take advantage of both discounts. You'll find these discounts on the page that you'll be redirected to after ordering your FREE Book "You've Been Sued!". Just fill out the order form and submit payment for the shipping & handling [$9.95} and you'll arrive at the discount page.

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FREE Book! "You've Been Sued!"

This book includes the basic procedural rules, formats for pleadings, and other information to help you defend yourself in court - pro se.

Shipping & Handling - $9.95

Our FREE book will help you answer any type of civil law suit -- not just a law suit for a debt. While it isn't exhaustive, the information in our book provides enough information for you to avoid a default judgment, and have a fighting chance for a fair day in court. Even if you plan on hiring an attorney, the information will help you become an informed client, and you'll already be familiar with the terminology and the process. 

Your book will be shipped to you within 7 days. Once you accept our free offer, we instantly make available two free reports, and additional offers. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything at all. This book usually sells for $19.99 plus shipping and handling on sites such as Amazon and Lulu. This offer is only available while supplies last.

Debt Collection is a Pervasive Part of American Life

According to the National Consumer Law Center:

  • In 2017, the CFPB [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau] estimated that 70 million Americans had or were contacted about a debt in collection in the prior year.
  • In 2016, 33% of Americans with credit reports and 45% of residents of predominantly nonwhite zip codes with credit reports had debt in collection.
  • Encore Capital Group, Inc., one of the nation’s largest debt buyers, claims that 20% of US consumers either owe it money currently or have owed it money in the past.
  • Consumers generally default on debt due to unemployment, illness, divorce, or other unanticipated hardships.
  • Debt collectors estimate contacting consumers more than a billion times a year. 
  • Credit card companies “limit” their debt collectors to 3-15 calls per account per day. 
  • The collection industry has asked the CFPB to allow six debt collection calls per day, 186 calls per month, and 2,190 calls per year for each collection account.

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