dakota's document preparation services

Dakota's Document Preparation has been assisting people and small business since 2010. I am not an attorney and therefore do not provide legal advice!

Dakota’s Document Preparation is a full service legal document preparation business preparing legal documents for the public. We specialize in: divorces, adoptions, power of attorney, name changes, notary, paternity, child support modifications, wills, seal/expunge, early termination of probation and restoration of civil rights.  

Gigi King, CEO

Direct Line: 352-835-2393

E-mail: anjeliai006@yahoo.com

Blog: www.dakotasdocumentpreparation.wordpress.com

FaceBook: www.facebook.com/dakotasdocumentpreparation   

My goal is to assist the public in a professional manner, work to maintain integrity and a high degree of competence throughout my profession, and always abide by the Laws & Regulations governed by the State of Florida, that’s why I am constantly evolving in my education attending industry seminars and training sessions to stay update regarding laws in the State of Florida.

Gigi King lost her loving and devoted father Dakota, to lung & bone cancer at the tender age of 69; he was my motivator, my protector, my rock and my strength. Taking time to recover from the loss of her loving and supportive father, Ms. King decided to pay homage to her dad by naming her business after him. His memory lives on through his loving daughter Gigi King and the continued success of Dakota's Document Preparation.   

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