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Divorce & Paternity Readiness

No one begins a marriage or relationship planning for it to end. The fact is that some marriages and some relationships don't last. Depending on the length of the marriage or relationship, the couple's lives may be deeply intertwined. Untangling the many aspects of any relationship takes forethought and careful consideration. When there are children of the marriage or relationship the requirement to think and plan ahead is even more important. The lives that a couple brought into this world should not be permanently damaged because their parents could not continue in the relationship.

If you're contemplating divorce, need to assert your paternal rights, or at the beginning stages of either process you need this course for your own peace of mind. Separating households and moving on with your life is too important to just wing it. There is too much at stake to fly blind. You need the information, the soul searching, the goal setting, and the careful consideration that this course provides. 

FALDP will soon offer a Divorce & Paternity Readiness Course.

The purpose of the online preparedness course is to help people think ahead so that the best outcome can be realized. None of this is easy. It isn't easy to end a relationship. It isn't easy to think ahead when there is so much unknown. Armoring yourself with knowledge,learning what you may be entitled to, understanding how to pursue your rights, and looking out for your children's well being will help make the process less intimidating.

What you'll learn:

  • The court process can be mysterious - you'll learn how it is supposed to work, and some of the things that can go awry.
  • You'll find out whether you should ask for alimony.
  • You'll discover exactly how child support is calculated.
  • You'll learn how to set goals for success in your new life.
  • You'll discover what co-parenting really means.
  • You'll learn the difference between "equal distribution" and "equitable distribution" regarding your assets and debts.
  • You'll find out your Florida County's specific and local rules for divorcing couples (and those seeking paternity determinations.
  • You'll learn how the judge decides child custody and timesharing when the parents don't agree.
  • You'll discover how to remain calm and serene throughout the process.

We'll debunk some myths like:

  • The courts always favor women.
  • The courts always favor men.
  • The courts always award primary custody to the mother.
  • Alimony is a thing of the past.
  • The judge decides how much child support to order.
  • Mediation doesn't work.

As with most myths, some of these are sometimes true, but none of them are ALWAYS true.

We'll help you explore whether to hire an attorney or go pro se.

The decision is yours. There are pros and cons to both. Not everyone is cut out to self-represent in court, but many cannot afford an attorney. When consumers ask us whether they need an attorney for their divorce, the answer is always the same. If you think you may need an attorney - then you probably do. That said, we are the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers with members throughout the state who can prepare your documents for you. Florida allows attorneys to offer unbundled services for family law matters. Sometimes, a couple thinks that they are in complete agreement regarding their divorce, only to find out sometime along the way - that they're not. This juncture may be the time to retain an attorney. Others couples may have legal questions that are beyond the scope of our preparedness course, and beyond the services of a legal document preparer. In those cases, by all means seek legal advice. We are not, and never have been "anti-attorney". As with all things, there is a time and place for everything.

Divorce & Paternity Readiness Course - Coming Soon

Our course is set up in two parts. The first part focuses on the emotional aspects of divorce. It also includes information about how to save your relationship. You loved this person once. And if you're able to save your marriage or relationship, you both may be stronger for it. 

Our course isn't ready yet. We're still gathering resources to help you on your journey. We're recruiting document preparers to discount their fees to consumers who complete our preparedness course. We hope to also have some attorneys to refer consumers to. [We are not allowed to receive any compensation for referring to attorneys, and would never do so.] 

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