Escambia County

Escambia County is the westernmost county in Florida with Pensacola as its county seat. Created on the same date, Escambia and St. Johns counties were Florida's two original counties, covering the entire Florida territory within modern state boundaries. The Suwanee River was the natural and actual border between them, which follows a winding path from the northern border of the state to the Gulf of Mexico. Essentially, the Escambia county government had jurisdiction over the "panhandle" and "big bend" areas and St. Johns over the remainder of the entire state.

Gulf Translation and Document Services, LLC

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Gabriela Martin ~ Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida

Mluvime Cesky a Slovensky! ~ FALDP Member since 2012

Gulf Translation and Document Services is NOT a law firm and I am NOT an attorney.

We provide legal document preparation services and quality translations.{We specialize in Slavic languages such as Czech, Slovak, Russian etc.}

We offer affordable and efficient legal document preparation services in areas of Family Law for Florida residents and Immigration matters for customers nationwide. We also assist our customers in preparation of formal letters, power of attorney etc. per their specific directions.

We use only forms approved by the Florida Supreme Court for Family Law matters and federally approved forms for Immigration issues. 

Most of our services are done electronically and over the telephone but we are always ready to meet with our customers in person. 

Visit our website for more details. E-mail: documents4ufl@yahoo.com

Phone: 251-923 6167 ~ Website: www.documents4ufl.com

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Pro Se Advocates, Inc.

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Pro Se Advocates, Inc. is here to assist with E-Filing, Notary services and online notarization, people & background search / "Catfish" verification, Divorce documents, property information search, Living Will, Power of Attorney forms, Advanced Directives, Last Will & Testament and so much more. Visit our website to discover the many ways we can help you.

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