Il faro, llc

Let's talk. Sometimes facing the world with a legal issue is challenging and intimidating. Sometimes, you may need to call an attorney and sometimes you may not need an attorney. Out of fear or misunderstanding, you may hire and pay an attorney his rates for documentation that could perfectly be handled by someone like me with YOUR information. You may need just a little bit of help to get your situation solved in a short amount of time at a cost that won't break your bank. If you suspect that you simply need help preparing documents, we can talk about the situation at hand, and what your options are. I will NEVER give you LEGAL ADVICE because I am NOT A LAWYER. I will NEVER lie to you and tell you that I can do something for you that I AM NOT Licensed or capable of doing, just to take your money. I WILL ALWAYS help you in my capacity as a document preparer, with my skills and tools available to me to help you in your pro se process. I WILL ALSO help you if you want help fixing your credit or going into business for yourself.

I CAN do what I say I can, legally and legitimately, to get you your best result. I have over 38 years experience working in the legal field as a senior paralegal in major law firms throughout Florida. Now, I am a legal document preparer, I provide notary services, business services, and Spanish translation/interpreting services. Again, let's talk as I would love the opportunity to help you.  

Call me to discuss your needs at 786-439-6989 or send me an e-mail at ilfaroconnect@gmail.com.

Podemos hablar? Servicios de preparacion de documentos para la comunidad Hispana.   

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