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Leon County

Leon County is a county located in Florida's panhandle. The county seat is Tallahassee  which is also Florida's state capital. The county is named after the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon.Tallahassee is home to two of Florida's major public universities, Florida State University and Florida A&M University. Leon County residents have the highest average level of education among Florida's 67 counties

Tallahassee, best known as Florida's capital city, shares a deep-rooted history and culture with unparalleled natural adventure and an upbeat vitality. From performing arts to outdoors and nature, Tallahassee offers something for everyone.

Legal Access for the Other 98%

Providing legal document preparation information and services in the area of Family Law as follows:

  • Parenting Plans
  • Petitions to Modify existing Parenting Plans or Child Support Orders
  • Petitions to Relocate
  • UCCJEA Affidavits

Amanda McLeod ~ 801 Chestwood Avenue ~ Tallahassee, Leon County, Florida 32303

(850)766-6095 ~

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Michael Wynn, LDP

850-224-4055 ~

Why Victims Matter Foundation, Inc.

Legal document preparation services on a budget. Document preparation and legal contracts based on a sliding scale up to a flat rate of $49.99 per document. We have over 14 years experience.

Our mission is to keep you informed. We offer a variety of information on criminal behavior, cold cases, missing persons, domestic violence, and human trafficking.

Other services include victim intervention, mentoring, activism for victim/human rights, and legal document preparation services for victims and seniors.

We are not:

  • • Attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or representation.
  • • Advocates.

We are:

  • • Criminal justice research and behavioral analyst, profilers, and psychologist, and activist who believe that victims matter.
  • • Only able to provide service outlined in our profession.

Visit our website at for more information

Disclaimer for Legal Document Preparation Services- I am not an attorney and cannot provide legal advice, explanation, opinions, or recommendations. If you need legal advice, please consult with a legal attorney in your area.


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Virtual Providers

Virtual Providers assist consumers via internet and telephone conversations. No need to make a face to face appointment, save time and travel. Learn more about Virtual Providers. The "VP" designation on the member listings shows that these members are prepared to assist consumers virtually.

CLA Document Preparation Services

CLA Legal Document Service prepares necessary documents for people who want to represent themselves in their divorce, whether it includes children or not. We are also able to do Wills, Living Trusts, Power of Attorneys, Immigration forms, Bankruptcy, etc.

Connie Allis ~ 407-488-0197 ~

Florida Document Specialists and Florida Family Adoptions

I invite you to visit our websites to learn more about the nonlawyer legal document preparation services that we provide:



For the People of Florida

We prepare documents for Family Law, Summary Administration of Estate, Early Termination of Probation, Divorces, Family Adoption, Child Support & Visitation Modifications.

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We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.



We provide Document Preparation in the area of Family Law throughout the entire State of Florida. We offer an affordable way for completing your legal documents when you are seeking to represent your self with your legal matters.We are virtual/ web based

Terri Silver ~ 305-510-6636

Drafters Multiservices

Draftersmultiservices is an internet and more based non lawyer legal document preparer/procurer service provider. We cater to all with the lowest prices - guaranteed.

323-451-1692 or 561-752-7345

Why Victims Matter Foundation, Inc.

As a Criminal Justice Research Consultant and Analyst, I have various resources available for conducting legal research including unlimited access to legal research databases and access to most court rules and laws.


For the People USA

Let me help you make your life easier when it comes to the overwhelming paperwork of being a "self-represented party" or in legal terms a Pro Se Litigant.


Divorce Docs

We are the perfect fit for divorcing couples who are committed to coming to a consensus on all areas of the Marital Settlement Agreement without litigation. 


Lady Doc Services

Lady Doc Services, is a document preparer whose main goal and objective is to save time and money for Pro Se consumers. My services include Legal Document Preparation for:

Bankruptcy (Chapter 7); Certified Signing Agent; Child Support Petition’s /Modification; Civil Complaints/Answers; Debt Defense; LLC Formation; Loan Signings; Name Change; Modification of Alimony; Notary; Paternity & Related Relief; Real Estate Closings; Small Claims; Simple Divorces; Family Adoptions; Parenting Plan; Renewing of Vow’s; Wedding Ceremonies; Hourly Rate $55.00 (Four Hour Minimum)

Thank You & I look forward to serving you!

Lady Doc Legal & Professional Services, LLC.


Tele#: 1-888-877-9096

E-Fax#: 1-866-224-3113


We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.

Florida Court Forms

Our mission is to assist Pro Se litigants with the forms and legal information they need to successfully represent themselves in Florida's courts.

    Our Services:
  • Legal Documents Preparation
  • Self Help Guides
  • Premium Legal Forms
    Areas of Expertise:
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Family Adoption
  • Summary Administration

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