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My Legal Docs offers Legal Document Preparation services in and for the 12th Judicial Circuit (Sarasota, Manatee, Desoto) and the 20th Judicial Circuit (Charlotte, Lee). We use Florida Supreme Court approved forms along with any Local Rules packages.  

Stephen SchoenfeldStephen Schoenfeld

Florida Family Adoptions include Stepparent and Relative Adoptions, and Temporary or Concurrent Custody by an extended family member. Estate Planning Legal Documents include Wills, Trusts, and essential Health Planning documents. Small Probate includes Summary Administration of Estate, Special Warranty Deeds, and Disposition of Personal Property without Administration. We offer Real Estate contracts and addendums for "For Sale By Owner" transactions, as well as Flat Fee MLS listing services. Post-Conviction Legal Documents are Early Termination of Probation, and Expunge and Seal of records.

Please visit our website at MyLegalDocs.net to learn more about us.

Stephen@MyLegalDocs.net ~  941-468-1473

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