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There are two components to the the Basic Skills & Knowledge portion of FALDP Certification. First, there is a multiple choice exam consisting of 25 multiple choice questions. The exam is timed. You have 30 minutes to complete it. A passing grade is 75%. You may take the exam up to three times. 

The second part of the FALDP Basic Skills & Knowledge portion of FALDP Certification is a short essay, You will choose one of the topics to write about from the list. The essay must be between 300 and 400 words. There is no time limit for writing your essay.

We recommend that you complete the multiple choice exam and the essay in one sitting to ensure proper credit for the Basic Skills & Knowledge portion of FALDP Certification. You must complete and pass both portions of the Basic Skills & Knowledge testing.

To complete the certification process, you must complete and pass the Basic Skills & Knowledge components (multiple choice exam; and essay); complete and pass at least one Focus Area exam; and complete 10 Continuing Education Units. 

Membership renewal is June 1. But, FALDP Membership renewal begins April 1 with Early Renewal discounted to a renewal fee of only $55. In May the fee for Early Renewal is $65. On June 1, the membership renewal fee reverts to $75 and remains at that rate for the rest of the year. Members who do not renew on or before July 31, will be dropped from membership. To maintain FALDP Certification, you are required to earn at least 10 CEU's per year. We count the year from August 1 through the membership renewal period which ends on July 31.

Basic Skills & Knowledge Multiple Choice Exam

Essay Choices

Choose one of the following topics for your 300-400 word essay.

  1. Discuss the U.S. Supreme Court Case: FTC V North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners; as to how that case relates to Florida legal document preparers.
  2. Discuss the case Serena Dunn et al v the Florida Bar; and how that case affected document preparers right to conduct business.
  3. Discuss the limitations of Florida legal document preparers.
  4. Explain how you believe you, your business, and Florida legal document preparers benefit consumers..

When writing your essay, please remember to identify yourself, and which topic you are writing about. Essays should be clear and concise. No citations are necessary. Your writing should be professional and free from spelling and grammar errors. The essays are pass/ fail, no specific score will be given. 

Basic Skills & Knowledge Essay

Please write a 300-400 word essay selected from the list above.

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