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Why would you want to?
by: Robert Webb

Yes, the pro se offers you the right to represent
yourself in a court of law.
However, some times, it is foolish to try to
climb a mountain you don't have to climb.
Your case is perfect for an attorney, and
although he may get a percentage of the settlement, the attorney can probably find a reason to sue for much more than $16,000.
Based on the information you've given us, I can
imagine your attorney seeking $30,000 minimum and after he takes his 1/3, you still would be receiving more than your loss.
I work in the pro se business, but you have to
realize that attorneys can sometimes earn their
percentages. If you go pro se, in this case, the
attorneys for your former employer will probably
eat you alive with paperwork, that you may find
difficult or impossible to know what to do.
Their attorneys know that, and they wouldn't
even attempt it when a competent attorney represents you.
I don't believe that our organization, FALDP,
would want you to lose your case and your money
because of your failure to use an attorney in this
type of case.

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