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by: Anonymous

He has hired lawyer to handle eviction. He sent me Notice asserting totally false allegations against me. Accusing me of theft, destruction of property. Total lies, and if he had any conscience at all, he would admit this. Do not understand how he could be allowed to claim such blatant lies in any kind of legitimate eviction.

by: Staff, FALDP

Dear Anonymous,

If you are living in your boyfriend's home, as far as we know, he needs to legally evict you in order to make you move out. According to Florida law, as displayed on the Florida Division of Consumer Affairs website - http://www.800helpfla.com/landlord_text.html:

Section 83.67, F.S.
Florida Law does not allow a landlord to force a tenant out by:

Shutting off the utilities or interrupting service, even if that service is under the control of the landlord or the landlord makes the payment;
Changing the locks or using a device that denies the tenant access;
Removing the outside doors, locks, roof, walls or windows (except for purposes of maintenance, repair or replacement); and/or
Removing the tenant's personal property from the dwelling unless the action is taken after the surrender, abandonment, or recovery of possession of the dwelling unit due to the death of the last remaining tenant in accordance with section 83.59(3)(d), or after lawful eviction.

As far as making your boyfriend pay for your medical care, we suggest you seek legal advice for that. We are not attorneys, and whether you can enforce that promise may depend on whether it was a gift or an obligation.

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