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Ruined credit due to $59 modem not returned
by: Anonymous

Spectrum provided my Internet service and provided a modem. When I sold my house I had my Realtor return it for me. Spectrum said the wrong item was returned and ended up reporting to credit bureau for non payment. They essentially ruined my credit over a $59 item.

Suit for damage to credit
by: Staff FALDP

Nowadays good credit is considered a valuable asset and part of someone's reputation. Damage to that asset is compensable, but they don't say it's easy. According to a recent article on Fox Business -

http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2013/04/02/damaged-credit-can-sue/ by Mindy Zetlin; published April 2013:

Damaged Credit: Can you Sue?

"In order to sue, you have to have a cause of action -- something specific the other party did that was illegal or malicious or infringed on your rights ..."

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