Child support

by Dana

I had a contempt hearing Feb 16,202. The judge told me I needed to put in for a modification to lower my payments as covid has affected my income tremendously,also I'm paying support for 3 kids at the amount 816.00 amonth one of the children is going to be 21 in July and one is gonna be 19 in May and lives on there own since they were 18 I need to have the support stopped on them so is that two different motions I would need to file to get them to go back when the kids were 18 or would they even give me credit from the time they turned 18 and what would the forms be called I'd need to fill out for that and is there an indigent form I could fill out to get these forms free or at a income based payment also child support sent me a request for support order review would I need to fill out that form and it would take care of the modifications I'm also wanting to give up my rights for my 14 year old pretty much I don't get to see my kid at all cause we live 6 hrs apart I don't have a driver's license lastly what do I need to do forms wise to get my driver's license reinstated my job requires me to get back and forth to work and I have to hitch rides is there any of these forms you could help me file with the courts any help info is greatly appreciated also I live in Franklin county the custodial parent lives in Orlando can I get these forms from where I live and file them here as well as I do not have any means of transportation cause of my license thank you thank you for any info on this matter

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