civil indigent status

by Nancy

I downloaded the application and filled it out. Now what do I do with it? What court do I need to take it to?

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Where to file
by: FALDP Staff

Hi Nancy,
The Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status is filed with the clerk of court when you file your documents. The court clerks determine whether you are eligible to have your filing fees waived. The clerks also may offer you a payment plan to pay your filing fees. If you are denied indigent status, and you believe you should be eligible, you can request a hearing before a judge.

Place to inquire
by: Judith Byrd

You need to ask the Clerk of Court in your area if they accept the generic form. The Clerk's Office in my county has revamped the indigency form, and won't accept the online Florida one. With all the details needed on this form, it would add a lot of extra work to have to fill one out there at the time of filing. Check first and reduce stress.

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