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Help IS available
by: Judith Byrd

Absolutely you can ask about Indigent Status. It's available all over Florida. Just go to the Clerk of Court in the county you would be filing your divorce and ask for an application. They also have packets available of the documents for you to prepare your divorce yourself, without an attorney. The Indigent Status will take care of the filing fee and often also the fee for the documents be served to your ex-to-be.

by: FALDP Staff

Dear Florida,
Please visit the page on our site titled "Civil Indigent". The form for the Application of Determination of Civil Indigent Status is on that page, and is a free download. The eligibility guidelines are also outlined on that page.In general, if you are low income, unemployed, collecting unemployment compensation, tax supported or collecting disability payments - you likely qualify for civil indigent status.

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