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So that’s a yes, a mediator is provided
by: Anonymous

So this means that mediation is provided and/or paid for ?
How does one go about this? Orange County Florida.
I NEED HELP WITH DIVORCE CASE- I need forms in discovery that aren’t provided. I’m on ssi disability, and husband has lawyer and is lying about income and lied on financial affidavit and interrogatories, etc, etc. im homeless and no legal aid will help because they said I already filed my answer?!

How much can you make to qualify for indigent status?
by: Anonymous

I am a full time student supporting two children, I do receive monies for going to college to live on. I am not currently receiving child support, what is the maximum amount you can get a month in order to qualify for indigent status in Hernando County? If I did qualify, would I have to pay for mediation or would I be excused from paying because of my inability to pay?

Statute for Indigent Status
by: Staff - FALDP

57.081 Costs; right to proceed where prepayment of costs and payment of filing fees waived.—

(1) Any indigent person, ... in any judicial or administrative agency proceeding or who initiates such proceeding shall receive the services of the courts, sheriffs, and clerks, with respect to such proceedings, despite his or her present inability to pay for these services. Such services are limited to filing fees; service of process; certified copies of orders or final judgments; a single photocopy of any court pleading, record, or instrument filed with the clerk; examining fees; mediation services and fees; private court-appointed counsel fees; subpoena fees and services; service charges for collecting and disbursing funds; and any other cost or service arising out of pending litigation. ... A party who has obtained a certification of indigence pursuant to s. 27.52 or s. 57.082 with respect to a proceeding is not required to prepay costs to a court, clerk, or sheriff and is not required to pay filing fees or charges for issuance of a summons.

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