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Conference Info - 8th Annual Conference - to 5/5/18

Our EIGHTH ANNUAL CONFERENCE which was scheduled for Septemeber 16, 2017, has been rescheduled for May 5, 2018, also at the Fountain Beach Resort in Daytona Beach  Those who paid before the conference was rescheduled and did not request a conference fee refund can expect rescheduled a waiver of their membership renewal fee. For and more information please visit our Annual Conference page.

Conference Agenda

  • 9:00 - Ruth Tick, Director of FALDP will introduce the day and discuss this year's conference overall theme - "What Can We Do?
  • 10:00 - David Ayala, President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Central Florida Chapter, will discuss the ongoing effort to help offenders reintegrate into society by offering Second Chance Workshops; civil rights and criminal offenders; and the referendum for restoration of civil rights.
  • 11:00 - Ruth Tick - What are we doing now to help consumers? As a group we have members who prepare a wide range of documents. What more can we do to make Florida a better place to live? Big idea - FALDP Get Documented Initiative.
  • 12:00 - Lunch
  • 1:00 - Post-conviction document preparation - seal & expunge, early termination of probation, modification of probation, restoration of civil rights. And why we care.
  • 2:00 - Sheila Smith - Certified Business Coach will discuss her services and offers for FALDP members, and explain how her coaching services can help you and your business.
  • 3:00 - Ruth Tick - A look ahead. A discussion of our plans for the coming year and a discussion about what the members would like to see happen.
  • 4:00 - Wrap up- Awards, prizes, and more.

David Ayala

 David Ayala a native of Brooklyn, NY was raised by his Spanish speaking mother. Needing to survive the English speaking inner city, he became bilingual and bicultural as both Puerto Rican and African American. Considered an at risked youth at the age of 12 David entered the revolving doors of the criminal justice system.

It all came to an end and his new life began at the age of 33. Eleven years later David has turned his life completely around with an Associates of Arts degree in Business Administration from Valencia Community College, enroute to his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Central Florida where his focus has been business administration and legal studies.

Since 2006 David has been unwavering in his focus on his spiritual, personal and professional development. From working as a personal fitness trainer certified by International Sports Sciences Association in fitness training, sports nutrition, and exercise therapy to working for a Fortune 500 company with top sales experience, David has evolved and is now committed to public service and community outreach. He is the founder and President of Reach Teach Save an organization that provides pathways for at risk individuals toward education and professional success He also serves as the President of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, Central Florida Chapter, an organization that is highly dedicated to ending the disenfranchisement and discrimination of people with conviction. He is a member of the board of trustees for the One Foundation and works collaboratively with community organizations and organizers.

He is an active member of his church Rejoice in the Lord Ministries. He is happily married to his wife of seven years Aramis Ayala, and a proud father to their two daughters Aliyah and Alanah. While he has a passion to advocate for criminal justice reform what he enjoys during his free time are movies, traveling, and simple quality time with his family.

Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith is a certified professional business strategist, goal success and life purpose coach. Her mission is to help individuals and small business owners become more successful and happier in their careers and life. Her clients experience amazing improvements in their productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, stress reduction, reaching their goals and obtain work/life balance.

Sheila spent over 20 + years working as an in-house and freelance paralegal. She successfully owned and operated a nanny/domestic service in the Midwest as well as a profitable legal document preparation company in Florida. She brings a variety of personal life and business experience into her coaching practice.

She completed her coach training with Transformation Services, Inc., and Transform Destiny, which are among the most respected coaching programs in the industry.

Sheila has worked with small business owners such as financial advisors, therapists, attorneys, coaches, writers and start-up business owners. She also works with individuals going through life transitions by helping them achieve focus and work toward receiving the outcome they desire.

Ruth Tick

Ruth Tick is the Director, a co-founder and charter member of the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers. Since 2010, Ruth has promoted the legal document preparation industry as an alternative to traditional legal services. Although, document preparation services are not a substitute for attorney services, sometimes all a consumer needs are the correct forms correctly completed. In addition to providing consumers a means and place to find a document preparer who can assist them, Ruth has created a robust web presence to assist document preparers in becoming better educated, prepared, and informed - to efficiently assist consumers. The association website - - includes basic and vital information to point consumers in the right direction to proceed on their own or discover early on that proceeding on their own (pro se) is not a good option. Learn more about how we started.

We allow attendees to bring along a guest at no additional charge as long as we have seats available.

8th Annual FALDP Conference 5/5/2018

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