13th annual faldp conference - 2022

Conference attendees should prepare to be called upon to share their thoughts and viewpoints throughout the day. The multiple overlapping goals we hope to agree on and decide how to pursue, will also come with incremental baby steps. The primary over arching goal is to create a more cohesive group which will better serve document preparers and pro se litigants. The secondary goal is to find a way, strategy, or method to insulate member document preparers from harassment and unnecessary interference from out side entities. 

Both goals are large, complex, and sound overwhelming. However, our hope and prayer is that we can work together and baby step through the smaller goals to reach our primary and secondary goals. Are you with me?

"Most pro se litigants know exactly what they would like to accomplish. They just don't know where to find the right forms, and what steps to follow to reach their goals - whether it be a small claims case, a divorce, or documents needed for an aging family member. "

Ruth Tick, FALDP Director and Founder, has been preparing documents for pro se litigants since 1998. After working through her own divorce as a pro se litigant, Ms. Tick realized that others must be facing similar obstacles. She attended UCF and completed a B.A. in Legal Studies in 2002, and in 2004 completed an M.S. In Criminal Justice. In 2010, she founded the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers (FALDP) which has been going strong ever since. Now, in 2022, FALDP is recognized throughout the state as a hub of legal information; and a resource for pro se litigants when they need it. In addition, FALDP serves as a small business incubator for individuals who want to start their own document preparation business by providing ongoing educational opportunities and business support.   

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