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Guardian For Your Daughter
by: FALDP Staff

It seems the best way to make your wishes known is through a will. Since, you do not want your child's father to be her guardian you most likely need assistance from an attorney so that your wishes cannot be challenged. According to an article on www.lawyers.com titled, "Picking the Best Guardian for Your Child" -

"In the United States, if one parent dies, the surviving biological or adoptive parent receives automatic custody and legal guardianship of the child unless the surviving parent has abandoned the child or is otherwise unfit. If you think your child's other parent shouldn't be the guardian in the event of your death, it's important to talk to a lawyer about your legal options."

If you think that your child's father has abandoned your daughter or is unfit, you need to talk to an attorney and/ or research the exact legal definitions of those terms.

We are not attorneys and do not attempt to offer legal advice. If you need legal advice, please consult with an attorney.

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