Discovery request on Civil Case over $15k

by Sonia
(Vero Beach, FL)

I am pro se on a Civil Case of Auto Theft. The defendants state my deceased husband GIFTED them my vehicle which was an inheritance I received when my dad past.

The defendants have an attorney and they requested via Subpoena my file with my insurance company. How can I get that copy of the file they have? I read:

"(e) Copies Furnished. If the subpoena is complied with by delivery or mailing of copies as provided in subdivision (c), the party receiving the copies shall furnish a legible copy of each item furnished to any other party who requests it upon the payment of the reasonable cost of preparing the copies."

However, when I requested discovery from the defendants counsel they have not provided this.

How do I get them to give me this info?

And...what are the steps to file a subpoena without deposition from the mechanic that had the vehicle? Do I notice the opposing counsel first of my intention to get the Notice of Production from a NonParty? and then what? What do I send to the court to sign to approve the subpoena?


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Motion to Compel
by: FALDP Staff

Hi Sonia,
If the opposing party has ignored your properly submitted discovery request, you can file a motion to compel. After filing your motion, request a hearing on your motion. As a pro se litigant, you may need help from the clerk of court or the judicial assistant to schedule a hearing. Here is the rule:

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