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dissolution of marriage
by: Connie Allis

Hi Josie,

There are different answers to different scenarios. Was the Respondent served? Did he answer the summons? Did you agree on everything?

You may have to have mediation first and if he does not show up, you can ask the clerk to file for default, especially if he did not respond to the summons. If he responded and everything was agreed upon, you may have a case management hearing if the case has been going on for awhile. If he does not show up, case management will recommend you go to rm 330(orange county) where you started the case and they will check and make sure all forms have been submitted and send the case to the judicial assistant to set a final hearing.

Always check out flcourts.org and call your case manager. She cannot give legal advice, but she can check your case out and see if everything is in order.

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, but I may be able to help you with procedure.
Connie Allis

Respondent not appearing at divorce hearing
by: Staff FALDP

Assuming that the Respondent was properly served and answered your Petition for Dissolution, the judge may be able to rule without him present. If his answer agreed with all terms, then the judge will likely simply grant the divorce as requested. If there are questions that the judge needs more information about, such as his financial information for child support (if there are children); or appropriate distribution of marital assets - the judge may grant the divorce but reserve judgment on those matters. Please do your research - www.flcourts.org . If you have questions regarding procedure we may be able to help, please call 800-515-0496.

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