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Preparing Florida Divorce Documents is a nuts and bolts course based on the Florida Supreme Court approved forms for pro se litigants.   Each of the different dissolution processes is discussed; information about the Petition for Paternity and Related Relief is included. Forms are included in this course. 

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Course Outline

Students will learn and understand the different divorce processes in Florida. Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage; Petition to Determine Paternity and Related Relief; and Answers are discussed and explained. Supreme Court approved forms are included in this course.

Module I *** Dissolution of Marriage - Initial Petitions *** Overview of Florida Dissolution of Marriage -

Four Types of Dissolution of Marriage (DOM):

  • Simplified
  • with no Minor Child(ren) and No Property
  • with Minor Child(ren)
  • with Property but No Child(ren)
  • Petition to Determine Paternity and Other Relief - is included in this section because it is similar to a Petition for Dissolution, but it is used for couples who are ending their relationship; who have children together; but were never married.
  • Florida Residency Requirements

Module II ***Working With The Forms ***

  • Avoid Giving Legal Advice
  • Gathering the Information
  • Choosing the Forms (Your customer chooses)
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Children and Instructions

Module III *** Procedural ***

  • Service of Process
  • Personal Service
  • Process Server Memorandum
  • Summons for Personal Service on an Individual
  • Constructive Service
  • Diligent Search and Inquiry
  • Notice of Action

Module IV Answers & Hearings

  • Answer and Waiver of Appearance
  • Answer and Counter Petition
  • The Final Hearing
  • Motion for Hearing/ Notice of Hearing
  • Final Order for Dissolution of Marriage

Module V Form Descriptions and Glossary

  • Quiz
  • Forms Required in all Dissolutions of Marriage
  • Forms Required in Dissolutions with Children
  • Forms that may be required in some circumstances
  • Terms used in family law

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