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Form A
by: Debra F

In some Florida counties, once you have filed your initial documents, any subsequent documents filed with the court need a document entitled Form A attached with them. This is a document that let's your case manager know that additional document(s) have been filed in your matter. Without this form, your document(s) will just simply be filed and your case will not move forward. So when you receive a letter from your case manager stating you need additional document(s), always attach a Form A naming each document that your case manager has requested.

I am not an attorney and cannot give legal advice or representation.

Another angle
by: Judith Byrd

Here in Highlands County we have a very helpful Pro Se department person. She makes her telephone number and her email address available for those filing that way. Perhaps in the Court where you have filed your papers, they will have such a person. You should be able to phone your Clerk and ask this. By law, when your spouse has filed the completed papers he/she filled out, they are supposed to get a copy to you so you know everything has been filed in a timely manner - there are 20 days allowed for this to be done. You can go to the clerk and ask to see if the papers have been filed. If not, you can prepare a Motion for Default and Default and you win! If they have been filed, you can inquire while you are there if there is an official person you can talk with to see about "lighting a fire" under them to get your Court Date scheduled. I hope this will work in your Circuit like it does here in ours.

Court date
by: Anonymous

You should receive a letter or email telling you the court date and location.

FALDP Staff Comment:
Anonymous' plan could work, but it may be that your case will languish in legal limbo if you leave it to the court staff to schedule your hearing. It depends on the county and circuit. Actually, once all documents have been filed, either party may request a hearing. Please look through the forms on www.flcourts.org . You'll find a Notice of Hearing form there.

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