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by: Connie Allis

Good morning Melanie,

Why not see if your husband will do a voluntary dismissal, which you get the form from flcourts.org, then you refile using the state approved fl forms on www.flcourts.org. Therefore, you would have more control of the process.

1. download the form, fill it out to to the best of your ability
2. send it to your one day to be ex along with a self addressed envelope.
3. have him sign it and send it to the courts.
4. once the case is closed, fill out the forms and file yourself.

now if your ex doesn't want to do this,
go to flcourts.com and download the financial affidavit, and the application of indigent status, and send them to him to sign along with a self addressed envelope and with the courts address.
If you need any help, please do not hesitate on giving me a call.
Connie Allis

Husband Incarcerated
by: Staff, FALDP

Hi Melanie,

Those forms need to come from your husband, because they both must be signed by him. It sounds like the forms that he needs are: the Application for Determination of Indigent Status; and the Florida Financial Affidavit - Short form. Both of these and other family law forms can be downloaded for free from the Florida Supreme Court's site - www.flcourts.org.

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