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Simple Divorce
Divorce with Children and/or Property
Divorce in Mutual Agreement
Divoce by Summons
Divorce by Publication.

Child Support and Time Sharing Modifications

Powers of Attorney
Quit Claim Deeds


We are a non-lawyer legal document preparation company, based in South Florida, with extensive experience in DIVORCE and other family matters, as well as wills, deeds, corporate solutions, translations and notarization and apostille services, among other services.

Our goal: to provide the utmost professional service to pro-se litigants.

1840 W. 49th Street, Suite #735 ~ Hialeah, FL 33012

(888) 771-3330 - (786) 484-1238 - (786) 486-9060

Contact: Patricia V. Garbo
Email: Patricia@DocumentsAssist.com
Web: www.DocumentsAssist.com

We will assist you with your legal documents.

We are not attorneys and cannot and will not give legal advice.

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