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by: Sheila


I am assuming you have a Final Judgment either from a Dissolution of Marriage and she has filed a Supplemental Petition for Modification to lower her support payments. If this is correct, you have 20 days to file an Answer to her Supplemental Petition for Modification where you will admit or deny each of the allegations in her Petition (there is a supreme court form for this). She has to prove a substantial change of circumstances to lower her support payments.

As for her not paying any child support to you, I refer you to Florida Statute 61.14 which talks about contempt. There is a form titled Motion for Civil Contempt/Enforcement. This form allows you to tell the court why you believe she is in contempt of the Final Judgment (i.e.- not paying child support, anything in the Final Judgment she has not complied with).

Since she is asking for her child support to be lowered, she and you both have 45 days from the date you were served to file a form titled, "Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Disclosure." This form requires both of you to fill out an updated financial affidavit and provide financial documents to each other. For more information, please refer to Florida Family Law Rule 12.285.

I would suggest contacting a family law attorney in your area for legal advice which will be beneficial to you if you decide to represent yourself.

Sheila Smith
Fundamental Document Services, LLC

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