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Petition for Relocation with Minor Child(ren)
by: Ruth Tick

He can't just send you a notice and go. Unless you consent, in writing, he is supposed to file a Petition for Relocation with Minor Child(ren). And unless he has a very good reason, his petition may well be denied. Generally, the best reason, is a bona fide job offer from a company in another state. And, a Long Distance/ Relocation Parenting Plan should immediately be put in place so that the children have access to both parents.

For more information and to find the forms for this process, go to: www.flcourts.org

And if you need help with document preparation, call 800-515-0496

Moving or vacationing?
by: Crystina

There is a difference between moving out of state and vacationing out of state. You mention that neither party may travel without 30 days notice. Is there a provision for relocation?
If not, he is required to file motions to relocate if he is moving the children more than 50 miles from the venue and 50 miles from you.

Also, Florida does not generally allow sole custody, but residential. Which does he have?

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