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Florida Guardianship
by: FALDP Staff

If you are a family member, you may petition the court to request that you be appointed as guardian.

a. There are three broad categories of guardians: family, professional and public.
i. Family Guardians – A preference existing in the law for the appointment of a guardian related to a ward by blood or marriage. Sec.744.312(2), F.S.
ii. A Professional Guardian is any guardian who receives compensation for services to more than two wards, unless the wards are relatives of the
guardian. Sec. 744.102(15), F.S
iii. A public guardian is a person or organization appointed by the Statewide Public Guardianship Office to serve as guardian for indigent, incapacitated persons who have no family or friends available to serve as guardian.
Secs. 744.701 – 744.709, F.S.

Please consult the statutes cited for for further information.

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