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free legal help
by: Connie Allis

Good evening Elaine,

I am a member of the FALDP. If you do not qualify for Legal Aid, I would be willing to help you fill out the documents necessary to bring your case to a successful ending. I would be using the State Approved forms for Florida from the flcourts.org.

We would start off with a telephone conversations to discuss your situation.

You could visit my website: www.clalegaldocuments.com to fill out some basic information or you could email me with the necessary information needed to fill out the documents.

I would then prepare all documents you would need to file with the courts.
I would then email the documents to you to download and print, or I could send a hard copy in the mail. You would need to have them notarized.

The clerk of courts or your bank can notarize your documents.

You would then file the documents with the court.

The rest would be up with your spouse, whether he sign the documents before you file, have him served by the sheriff, whether he responds etc.

You and your spouse do have to take a parenting course before the divorce is seen by a judge.

Depending on your income, the filing fee may be waived.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate on giving me a call.

Connie Allis

Free Legal Help
by: Staff, FALDP

Bay Area Legal Services is one of the best free legal aid services in the state. Here is the link to the family law page:


On their page titled: "Who Can Get Help", the following is displayed:

"The type of service we provide depends on your legal problem and our resources. In most cases we can assist only clients with limited income and assets, and who are permanent legal residents of the United States. However, we can provide help to:

* Seniors (clients 60 and older) regardless of their income and assets
* Domestic violence victims regardless of their income, assets, and their immigration status
* Applicants seeking help with fair housing issues or foreclosure who have resources above our regular financial guidelines"

So you must income qualify in order to receive services for a dissolution of marriage (unless domestic violence is present).

One of our legal document preparers, a member of FALDP, may be able to help. Please check the member directory on this site, or contact us directly. In some cases, our staff can assist with document preparation. In other cases we refer you to one of our members for help. Member prices for dissolution start at less than.

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