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Property Manager Duval County Fl
by: Rose

You can NOT tresspass an invited guest.You cant argue this your son invited him.... ALTHOUGH.....You can tresspass the person if he happens to be OUTSIDE THE RESIDENCE ie:in the yard, on the porch, driveway, whatever when the police arrive. DO NOT ALLOW HIM INSIDE. make sure all his stuff is outside too.
Once tresspassed the officer will ask him to leave and nit come back or face arrest.
THEN, AND ONLY THEN if the unwanted individual returns call the authorities and if the person is stoll on site upon their arrival they are supposed to arrest for Tresspassing.
Good Luck

Eviction or Ejectment
by: Staff FALDP

If the police won't help you, you could either have him evicted or ejected. Both are similar court processes; the primary difference is that in ejectment the person in possession of the property was never a tenant and has generally never paid rent. Often ejectment proceedings are used when a family member is occupying and won't leave. However, it seems to me that the police could trespass the person from your property, and be done with it.

The clerk of court in Volusia County has forms and rules for eviction on their site.

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