I am on probation, still have restitution, probation almost over

by Christina
(Monroe County)

I will complete almost 10 years of probation in May, my PO says that if my restitution is not paid off by 90 days prior, which is in 5 months(February), he would have to issue a violation to the judge, the judge could then issue a warrant OR a notice to appear. if my maximum was 30 years, I did 5 in prison, 10 on paper, can he sentence me to more prison time as a result of this "violation" i have paid over the years, but I will still have a few thousand left to pay in February, I probably could pay it by May but I am afraid of having to do any more time. This is not my first offense but this is the first time i have been able to complete probation, no violations, no issues at all in 10 years, my charge was in 07. what do you think? could i do a motion to convert to a lien, I am in Fl, should I send a letter to the judge, pay all i can and pray ?>

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