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Eviction or Ejection
by: Rob E

Depending on the county in which you reside an eviction may not be possible unless they have signed proper documentation agreeing to pay rent. If they are living at your house rent free and you cannot evict them then you will need to file paperwork for ejection instead, which can be a much more complicated process. Just to be clear, I am not a lawyer. I simply study law because I find it interesting, but due to the research I have done on this subject I do believe an ejection will be necessary. Either way good luck to you, I hope this helped.

by: Staff

Dear Owner,
It sounds like you have been evicted from your own house. We suggest that you first contact a reputable locksmith and make arrangements for him to meet you at your property to change the locks again so that you can access your house. You may want to prove to the locksmith that you are the owner of the house. Take your deed with you when you meet with him. You may also want to make arrangements for a law enforcement stand by so that there isn't any trouble when you're changing the locks.

After that, you can proceed to evict your parents and siblings as you normally would. Steps for Florida eviction are outlined on this site on the page titled "Eviction Network" on the navigation bar. You can also purchase Florida eviction forms on our site on the page titled "Civil Forms". There may be local forms or information on your county's website.

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