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Dear Injunction,
by: FALDP Staff

It is a statewide Florida law that divorcing parents must take a Parenting Course. Sometimes unwed parents are not ordered to do so, due to an oversight, rather than by any plan. If you feel your ex needs a Parenting Class before he is allowed unsupervised visitation you could request the judge to order it. We can refer you to an online Parenting Class through our Divorce Document Preparation page on this site - https://www.faldp.org/divorce.html. We can also refer you to an online Anger Management Class on the following page - https://www.faldp.org/Cycle-of-Abuse.html. People who are charged with or on probation for domestic violence are commonly ordered to take an anger management course.

This is not meant to be legal advice, only information, if you need legal advice, please seek advice from an attorney.

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