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by: Connie Allis

Good evening CoCo,

I am not an attorney, but the time to file for Civil Indigent Status, is when you file your forms with the County Clerks Office in the county that you live in. You can find the form here on the FALDP site. www.flcourts.com has all of the forms you need for family law.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate on givimg me a call.

Connie Allis

When to file Indigent waiver
by: CoCo


I live in Okaloosa County. I don't know if I am slow or I am just not searching throughly enough, but when do I file my indigent waiver? Do I file this waiver before I try to file for dissolution?, During?, or After?? I cannot find the information anywhere.

I am here to help you
by: Connie M. Schoenung


You are in a crucial time period and need help. I can help you get through this matter. Please contact me and let me be your guidance. I am experienced, professionally and personally in this matter. Please contact me at 904-372-9311 or email me at conniemarie23@gmail.com. Prayerfully, Connie M. Schoenung

Child Support Modification
by: Staff FALDP

Our services are not free, however they are low cost. Our members are private nonlawyer document preparers - many are sole proprietors, others have one or two partners or employees. Please look through the Member Directory on this site, and find a member who advertises in Dade County. Or call 800-515-0496.

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