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I need help.
by: Anonymous

I'm overwhelmed with these papers to file for divorce. I live in Orange County.

by: Denise at www.docsinaboxfl.com

I spoke with my mediator friend in Tampa. He advised that you may want to contact the Dispute Resolution Center in Tallahassee, 850-921-2910 He advises they are an excellent statewide resource.

Denise Wells
Docs In A Box, LLC
(561) 315-8390

Mediator in Okaloosa County
by: FALDP Staff

Dear Quinton Smith,

We have a few document preparers in your area. Some of them may also be mediators, please look through our member directory for Okaloosa and surrounding counties. One of our members may be able to give you a local referral also. You don't give much information about your case, but in many circuits the parties are automatically put through mediation before going to a hearing. Small claims court works this way in all circuits that I know of, and there is no additional cost associated with it as far as I know. The court mediation fees are usually part of the filing fee.

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