Member Mini-Page Submission

This is the page to add detailed business information. Take a look at the mini-pages of other members to get ideas. On most members directory listing you'll see a link that says - CLICK HERE to learn more about this business. When you click on the link, you go to that member's mini-page. Members may submit pictures of themselves, logos, other graphics, and more.

Please note - this is the page to add additional information about you and your business. If you upload the same information as your Member Listing we will not display it. We want something more, dig deeper, about your business, your goals, your awards, your expertise. The Member Directory has limited space - your Mini-Page is your very own page on our site. 

CLICK HERE to see archived examples of what other members have submitted.

Please email any graphics that you want to display on your mini-page directly to us - staff@faldp.org

Information & Graphics for your Personal Mini-Page

Please enter the information you want us to include on your personal Mini-Page. We have limited space on the Member Directory, and only include your basic information. The Personal Mini-Pages are designed to accept more detailed information about you and your business -- things like awards, designations, extra services, your photo, a scan of your business card, your logo, etc.

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