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As a Member of the FALDP, I agree:

  • To refrain from offering legal advice; and to refer customers to an attorney for legal advice [if needed].

  • To direct my customers to information so that they may make informed decisions.

  • To provide responsive customer service.

  • To comply fully with applicable state and federal laws.

  • To ensure clear and truthful advertising.

  • To clearly disclose costs and relevant terms.

  • To represent myself as a legal document preparer, and not as a paralegal.

  • To conduct my business ethically, honestly, and to the best of my ability.

  • To respect my customers’ privacy.

  • To keep in strict confidence my customers’ affairs, and not share information about a customer without that customer’s permission unless court ordered.
  • To support the Florida Association of Legal Document Preparers by respecting the rights of other members, by upholding the core values of our association as a collaborative resource of benefit to all, and to be a positive example of professionalism and integrity.
  • To support legislation promoting public access to the legal system. 

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