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Relocation against maternal grandparent?
by: Anonymous

My husband has a daughter in Fla. The mother is on drugs and the child is living with the maternal grandmother. Maternal grandmother stopped all contact with us when we asked for child to come live with us. We filed a petition for relocation that was served on the mother while she was in jail and she has not answered. Does the grandmother have any rights against this petition? We both have lawyers. She has petitioned for temp custody and we have filed an answer.

Motion for Contempt
by: Anonymous

You can, indeed, file a Motion for Contempt citing the numerous visitation interferences. You should keep a record (diary) of such interferences (dates, times and reasons why there was interference), as well as any police incident reports you accumulate when calling the police to try and enforce your visitaion rights (if you have a specific court order). Without a specific court order (detailing dates, times and hours of your visitation/parenting time), you have no case. If you have such an order, then you can get make-up time, financial remuneration, and even request that she put up a bond for future missed times ($2500, $5000, $10,000, or even $25,000 bonds). Visitation interference/parenting time interference is a form of emotional, psychological and even physical (restraint of children) child abuse.

If you have a specific court order, you can also use that as an exhibit to file a civil suit for monetary damages against the ex and her parents, for interference with parenting time/custody, intentional/negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud, deception, outrageous conduct, etc.

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