Nationwide Document Services

by Amy N. Guskay
(Lakeland, Florida, USA)

Assisting with your needs one document at a time.

Assisting with your needs one document at a time.

If you are a Florida Resident seeking assistance with legal document preparation, pro se filings or assistance with any other legal documents, please do not hesitate to contact our office to get started today. Our document preparation services include assistance with drafting Last Will & Testiment, Revocable Trust documents, Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Simple Divorce, Incorporation Documents/Filings, Post-Conviction Documents to include Early Termination of Probation, Pro se Landlord Tenant disputes, Pro se Small Claims filings, assistance with Property Deeds and many other legal documents. We are here to assist the public with their needs and strive to provide exceptional document outlines and customer service. Please note that we are NOT attorneys, we DO NOT practice law, we CANNOT offer legal advice and we CANNOT represent you in court.

We can't wait to assist you! Call us today to get started!


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