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notarized agreement binding
by: Connie Allis

According to Notarywise.com:
Having a document notarized generally means that a notary has verified the identity of a person who signs a document. The notary stamp signifies that the notary has witnessed the signing of the document. Notary Wise explains that a notary's signature also typically means that the document signer has vouched under oath that the contents of the document are true. Although the presence of a notary does not prove conclusively that the documents being signed are true, the website for the Texas secretary of state explains that a notary public is expected to act a public servant, becoming a third party with no personal interest in the transaction of document verification.


I am not an attorney, but I would suggest to file a (a) Supplemental Petition to Modify Parenting Plan/Time-Sharing Schedule and Other Relief - 11/2015 and all of the other necessary forms. You can find the forms on the flcourts.org website
This would make everything legal with the courts.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate on giving me a call.

Connie Allis

Probably Not
by: Lorna

I can't find anything anywhere that states that a notarized agreement between parents for custody or visitation (timesharing) is legally binding. It seems that the best that a notarized agreement will do in a court of law, is show the parties intent at the time. Nowadays parents are required to file a parenting plan. Either parent can file it as a proposed plan, they can work it out during mediation, or the judge can decide.

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