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probate summary administration
by: Connie Allis

Good morning Joy,

This answer is only from my own experience. I filed a case in Orange County Fl. I was given a case number, where I was told I could follow the case on the Orange County Clerk of Courts site. Look under the Probate Section. If an order has been given, I would have to go to the court to get a certified copy. All correspondence would be by mail and to expect it to take any wheres two to four weeks to three to four months depending on the case load.

If you do not have access to a computer, call the Probate Division and ask them if the paper work all seems in order

Connie Allis

Timeline for court response
by: Anonymous

It is not an uncommon timeline..especially with three major holidays helping to clog the docket.

You can call the court or stop by to inquire if it gives you peace of mind...they are usually very helpful with pro se cases. remain respectful and accept their timeline...don't push because they are already jammed.

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