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by: Anonymous

I am going thru this situation right now with my ex husband. He refuses to answer my calls and texts and has blocked me from doing so. Would this constitute as me abandoning my child?

Termination of Parental Rights
by: Anonymous

Dear Termination,

In Florida, termination of parental rights is usually reserved for situations where there is an adoption pending; or where the state has found that the parent is unfit. The facts that the father is in prison as a repeat offender; with past drug addictions, and has never paid support; may be enough to show that he has abandoned his daughter. Following is part of the Florida Statute, Chapter 39:

(1)?Abandoned? or ?abandonment? means a situation in which the parent or legal custodian of a child or, in the absence of a parent or legal custodian, the caregiver, while being able, makes no provision for the child?s support and has failed to establish or maintain a substantial and positive relationship with the child. For purposes of this subsection, ?establish or maintain a substantial and positive relationship? includes, but is not limited to, frequent and regular contact with the child through frequent and regular visitation or frequent and regular communication to or with the child, and the exercise of parental rights and responsibilities. Marginal efforts and incidental or token visits or communications are not sufficient to establish or maintain a substantial and positive relationship with a child.

However, it seems more likely that a court would award you sole parental responsibility if you petitioned for them to do so; than to terminate his rights entirely. Although you are financially stable now, that could conceivably change due to accident or illness. Even though the father is currently unable to contribute to his daughter's support, someday he may be able to, and the state of Florida would like him to do so, if he is able.

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