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by: Gigi King

Karin Anderson,

If your brother in-law is a supporter of St. Jude Children’s hospital, MedCure can assist you; you can request that the “gift” of his body go to St. Jude’s Medical Research, and the cremains will be returned to the family at no cost. Research this at www.medcure.org 1-866-560-2525 or you can look at other organizations out there.

Some States have special state funds through the county Welfare Department or Social Services Department, the funeral home contacts the county on your behalf.

Contact your local church where your family attended, ask for a memorial service to be held this should reduce funeral expenses just to have your loved one cremated or have an immediate burial, try to talk to the funeral home to reduce the price based on your ability to not pay or pay very little, maybe you can work out a personal payment plan with them, you never know until you ask.

Good luck to you and your family.

Indigent Burial
by: FALDP Staff

Each county in Florida is mandated by the state through Chapter 245 of the Florida State Statutes to dispose of any unclaimed bodies of persons that die within the confines of their county. This program does not assist with funeral expenses. A local funeral home and cemetery are under contract with the Department to provide direct burial or cremation only. There is no viewing at the funeral home and no service at the funeral home or a church.

Cremation requires either the signature of a next-of-kin or a document (such as a will) signed by the deceased.

Veterans may be eligible for burial or internment in the national cemetery in Bushnell, Florida.

Contact the Department of Human Services in your county for specific information.

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